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The Student Loan Benefit Add-On For Your 401(k) Employer Matching Program

Flexible matching options for a modern workforce.
Keep your existing 401(k) setup! No new budget required!

Offer Employees Best in Class Workforce Perks

We're helping America's best companies free their employees from student loan debt.

Flexible Matching

Funds can be directed to student loans, retirement savings or a combination of both.

Simple Implementation

Manage the flexible match from a simple dashboard from $6 per enrollee per month.

Keep Your Existing 401k

We're compatible with all 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans so there’s no need to switch providers.

No Strings Attached

Employees pay down debt from education loans without an increase to your benefits budget.

Best in Class Perk

We're helping America’s best companies free their employees from student loan debt.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Student loan pay-down is the most demanded employee benefit after health insurance.

$ 0 Trillion

Student loan debt

Become an employer of choice without increasing your match budget

Use existing company match funds

Add-on to existing benefits package

We're not a bank - We don't sell loans

Conflict-free platform

Built with HR industry best practices

Attract and retain top talent

Human Resources

Contributing to your employees' financial well-being impacts your bottom line, recruitment and retention.

Hire Faster

53% of candidates would consider taking a salary cut and stay at company 5+ years with this benefit.

Encourage Diversity

Women and minorities value loan repayment benefits 18x more than 401k and 23x more than health insurance.

High-impact Benefits

Accelerate financial freedom with student loan match to help employees reduce their payback periods by 30%.

What people are saying

"Most workers with student loan debt (78%) — including 65% of workers over age 55 with current or future loan debt — want their workplace to offer this benefit."
Valerie Bolden-Barrett
HR Drive
"In addition to easing the burden of debt on our current employees, we believe our commitment to unlocking financial freedom will help us attract and retain top talent."
Sue Sgroi
Blue Cross

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Get your employees out of financial jail for the price of 2 cups of coffee.

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